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Thomas "TJ" Hammond

Bio: Born the eldest of the Hammond sons, TJ was born only a few minutes before his younger twin Douglas. When they were eight years old, their father was elected President of the United States. Growing up in the White House was an interesting experience though a trying one. After living your life under a microscope, it can twist someone's sense of self. Thomas also came out as gay when he was still a teenager and in many ways, he never matured like his younger twin. Where Douglas was responsible and sensible, TJ is prone to self-destructive behavior and addictions. Despite the fact that he's cause his family a world of pain and even put them through the agony of a suicide attempt, he can't seem to gain control of himself.

In his own worlds, his life has been a series of highs and lows and he's taken to using drugs as an escape to the crap shoot that is his life.

ooc: Please note, both mun and chara are 21+ Mun is not affiliated with Political Animals, USA Network, or Sebastian Stand in any way.
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